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International Students

We offer a broad variety of research fields in condensed matter physics, such as quantum phenomena of systems in reduced dimensions. Our theoretical groups are leading a national Research Unit on the emergence of thermodynamics in nonequilibrium systems.
The department provides high standards of research and well structured Master and PhD programs, both leading to internationally well recognised degrees.

Master course Advanced Physics

Our new international master program Physics intends to bring prospective students a solid base in general physics, while offering them advanced hands-on research experiences in state-of-the art labs or at the theoretical forefront. Based in a modern, yet charming, science campus, the physics department has an excellent teacher to-student ratio – with us, you are not just a number but can interact closely with the faculty.
The Physics Master program is open to all graduates of Bachelor programs providing a solid foundation in physics with focii on theoretical or experimental physics. The teaching language is English.

Study program overview

Module descriptions

The Master program commences each semester, either in summer (starting in April) or in winter (starting in October). The application deadline is January 15th for the summer term and July 15th for the winter term.

Information on further steps:

PhD program

All physics research groups offer research projects suitable for obtaining a PhD degree. Interested graduate students select their field of interest and inquire directly at the respective research group for an opening. Available research fields are:

Experimental Physics

    Thin films and interfaces (Wollschläger)
    Electronic transport (Meyer)
    Organometallic networks on insulators (Rahe)
    Makromolecular structure (Klare)
    NanoScience (Reichling)
    Quantum spintronics (Harneit)
    Ultrafast laser spectroscopy (Imlau)

Theoretical Physics

    Quantum thermodynamics (Gemmer)
    Statistical physics (Maaß)
    Transport and relaxation in many body systems (Steinigeweg)

Support for Present International Students

Coming from abroad, the way studying is actually done in Osnabrueck may possibly be unfamiliar to you. To get in touch and/or if you have any questions at any time, do not hesitate to contact our friendly International Students Advisor Niklas via email: ndoemer[at]uos.de.

Moreover you should check out the following video tutorials. They explain how to register online for courses, exams, etc.

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