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Quantum Spintronics and Electronic Transport

Welcome to the Research Groups of Wolfgang Harneit and Carola Meyer

The Quantum Spintronics Group (Harneit) develops and applies materials and methods for the investigation of electron spin coherence in nanoscopic systems and devices. The spin of the electron adds another dimension to electronics that can be useful for applications but also for device analysis. More details about our research can be found here.

The Electronic Transport Group (Meyer) studies transport through carbon nanotubes functionalized with molecules. The focus is on molecular interactions with the goal to unravel spin as well as molecular dynamics of magnetic and biomolecules. More details and information about the group can be found here.

We have always interesting topics in emerging fields of experimental physics for Bachelor's and Master's theses available. Please do not hesitate to contact Prof. W. Harneit or Dr. C. Meyer for more information.