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Finite-temperature transport in one-dimensional quantum lattice models

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Density dynamics in the mass-imbalanced Hubbard chain

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J. Schnack, J. (Johannes) Richter, T. Heitmann, J. (Jonas) Richter, R. Steinigeweg

Finite-size scaling for typicality-based estimates

Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A, angenommen



T. Heitmann, J. (Jonas) Richter, D. Schubert, R. Steinigeweg

Selected applications of typicality to real-time dynamics of quantum many-body systems



J. (Jonas) Richter, D. Schubert, R. Steinigeweg

Decay of spin-spin correlations in disordered quantum and classical spin chains

Physical Review Research 2, 013130 (2020)


J. Schnack, J. (Johannes) Richter, R. Steinigeweg

Accuracy of the finite-temperature Lanczos method compared to simple typicality-based estimates

Physical Review Research 2, 013186 (2020)


J. (Jonas) Richter, F. Jin, L. Knipschild, H. De Raedt, K. Michielsen, J. Gemmer, R. Steinigeweg

Exponential damping induced by random and realistic perturbations



P. Reimann, B. N. Balz, J. (Jonas) Richter, R. Steinigeweg

Temporal relaxation of gapped many-body quantum systems

Physical Review B, angenommen



J. (Jonas) Richter, N. Casper, W. Brenig, R. Steinigeweg

Magnetization dynamics in clean and disordered spin-1 XXZ chains

Physical Review B 100, 144423 (2019)


J. (Jonas) Richter, M. H. Lamann, C. Bartsch, R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer

Relaxation of dynamically prepared out-of-equilibrium initial states within and beyond linear response theory

Physical Review E 100, 032124 (2019)


J. (Jonas) Richter, J. Gemmer, R. Steinigeweg

Impact of eigenstate thermalization on the route to equilibrium

Physical Review E (Rapid Communications) 99, 050104 (2019)


J. (Jonas) Richter, F. Jin, L. Knipschild, J. Herbrych, H. De Raedt, K. Michielsen, J. Gemmer, R. Steinigeweg

Magnetization and energy dynamics in spin ladders: Evidence of diffusion in time, frequency, position, and momentum

Physical Review B 99, 144422 (2019)


J. (Jonas) Richter, R. Steinigeweg

Combining dynamical quantum typicality and numerical linked cluster expansions

Physical Review B 99, 094419 (2019)


J. (Jonas) Richter, R. Steinigeweg

Relation between far-from-equilibrium dynamics and equilibrium correlation functions for binary operators

Physical Review E 99, 012114 (2019)


B. N. Balz, J. (Jonas) Richter, J. Gemmer, R. Steinigeweg, P. Reimann

Dynamical typicality for initial states with a preset measurement statistics of several commuting observables

in: Thermodynamics in the Quantum Regime

Fundamental Theories of Physics 195 (Springer, 2019)

Editoren: F. Binder, L. A. Correa, C. Gogolin, J. Anders, G. Adesso


T. Heitmann, J. Schnack

Combined use of translational and spin-rotational invariance for spin systems

Physical Review B 99, 134405 (2019)


J. (Jonas) Richter, J. Herbrych, R. Steinigeweg

Sudden removal of a static force in a disordered system: Induced dynamics, thermalization, and transport

Physical Review B 98, 134302 (2018)


D. Schmidtke, L. Knipschild, M. Campisi, R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer

Stiffness of probability distributions of work and Jarzynski relation for non-Gibbsian initial states

Physical Review E 98, 012123 (2018)


J. (Jonas) Richter, F. Jin, H. De Raedt, K. Michielsen, J. Gemmer, R. Steinigeweg

Real-time dynamics of typical and untypical states in non-integrable systems

Physical Review B 97, 174430 (2018)


J. Gemmer, L. Knipschild, R. Steinigeweg

Comment on: "Fluctuation theorem for many-body pure quantum states"



R. Steinigeweg, F. Jin, H. De Raedt, K. Michielsen, J. Gemmer

Charge diffusion in the one-dimensional Hubbard model

Physical Review E (Rapid Communications) 96, 020105 (2017)


R. Steinigeweg, F. Jin, D. Schmidtke, H. De Raedt, K. Michielsen, J. Gemmer

Real-time broadening of non-equilibrium density profiles and the role of the specific initial-state realization

Physical Review B 95, 035155 (2017)


D. Schmidtke, R. Steinigeweg, J. Herbrych, J. Gemmer

Interaction-induced weakening of localization in few-particle disordered Heisenberg chains

Physical Review B 95, 134201 (2017)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Herbrych, F. Pollmann, W. Brenig

Typicality approach to the optical conductivity in thermal and many-body localized phases

Physical Review B (Rapid Communications) 94, 180401 (2016)


R. Steinigeweg, W. Brenig

Energy dynamics in the Heisenberg-Kitaev spin chain

Physical Review B 93, 214425 (2016)


F. Jin, R. Steinigeweg, H. De Raedt, K. Michielsen, M. Campisi, J. Gemmer

Eigenstate thermalization hypothesis and quantum Jarzynski relation for pure initial states

Physical Review E 94, 012125 (2016)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Herbrych, X. Zotos, W. Brenig

Heat conductivity of the Heisenberg spin-1/2 ladder: From weak to strong breaking of integrability

Physical Review Letters 116, 017202 (2016)


F. Jin, R. Steinigeweg, F. Heidrich-Meisner, K. Michielsen, H. De Raedt

Finite-temperature charge transport in the one-dimensional Hubbard model

Physical Review B 92, 205103 (2015)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer, W. Brenig

Spin and energy currents in integrable and nonintegrable spin-1/2 chains: A typicality approach to real-time autocorrelations

Physical Review B 91, 104404 (2015)


A. Khodja, R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer

Relevance of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis for thermal relaxation

Physical Review E 91, 012120 (2015)


Y. Rahnavard, R. Steinigeweg, W. Brenig

Hydrodynamic spin fluctuations in the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg chain



R. Steinigeweg, F. Heidrich-Meisner, J. Gemmer, K. Michielsen, H. De Raedt

Scaling of diffusion constants in the spin-1/2 XX ladder

Physical Review B 90, 094417 (2014)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer, W. Brenig

Spin-current autocorrelations from single pure-state propagation

Physical Review Letters 112, 120601 (2014)


R. Steinigeweg, A. Khodja, H. Niemeyer, C. Gogolin, J. Gemmer

Pushing the limits of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis towards mesoscopic quantum systems

Physical Review Letters 112, 130403 (2014)


J. Gemmer, R. Steinigeweg

Entropy increase in K-step Markovian and consistent dynamics of closed quantum systems

Physical Review E 89, 042113 (2014)


R. Steinigeweg, T. Prosen

Burnett coefficients in quantum many-body systems

Physical Review E (Rapid Communications) 87, 050103 (2013)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Herbrych, P. Prelovšek

Eigenstate thermalization within isolated spin-chain systems

Physical Review E 87, 012118 (2013)


J. Herbrych, R. Steinigeweg, P. Prelovšek

Spin hydrodynamics in the S=1/2 anisotropic Heisenberg chain

Physical Review B 86, 115106 (2012)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Herbrych, P. Prelovšek, M. Mierzejewski

Coexistence of anomalous and normal diffusion in integrable Mott insulators

Physical Review B 85, 214409 (2012)


R. Steinigeweg

Spin transport in the XXZ model at high temperatures: Classical dynamics versus quantum S=1/2 autocorrelations

Europhysics Letters 97, 67001 (2012)


R. Steinigeweg, W. Brenig

Spin transport in the XXZ chain at finite temperature and momentum

Physical Review Letters 107, 250602 (2011)


R. Steinigeweg

Decay of currents for strong interactions

Physical Review E 84, 011136 (2011)


R. Steinigeweg, S. Langer, F. Heidrich-Meisner, I. P. McCulloch, W. Brenig

Coherent spin-current oscillations in transverse magnetic fields

Physical Review Letters 106, 160602 (2011)


R. Steinigeweg, R. Schnalle

Projection operator approach to spin diffusion in the anisotropic Heisenberg chain at high temperatures

Physical Review E (Rapid Communications) 82, 040103 (2010)


R. Steinigeweg, H. Niemeyer, J. Gemmer

Transport in the 3-dimensional Anderson model: An analysis of the dynamics at scales below the localization length

New Journal of Physics 12, 113001 (2010)


C. Bartsch, R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer

Projection operator approach to master equations for coarse-grained occupation numbers in non-ideal quantum gases

Physical Review E 81, 051115 (2010)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer

Length scale dependent diffusion in the Anderson model at high temperatures

Physica E 42, 572 (2010)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer

Density dynamics in translationally invariant spin-1/2 chains at high temperatures:A current-autocorrelation approach to finite time and length scales

Physical Review B 80, 184402 (2009)


R. Steinigeweg, H. Wichterich, J. Gemmer

Density dynamics from current auto-correlations at finite time- and length-scales

Europhysics Letters 88, 10004 (2009)


R. Steinigeweg, M. Ogiewa, J. Gemmer

Equivalence of transport coefficients in bath-induced and dynamical scenarios

Europhysics Letters 87, 10002 (2009)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer, H.-P. Breuer, H.-J. Schmidt

Projection operator approach to transport in complex single-particle quantum systems

European Physical Journal B 69, 275 (2009)


R. Steinigeweg, H.-J. Schmidt

Heisenberg-integrable spin systems

Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry 12, 19 (2009)


R. Steinigeweg

Application of projection operator techniques to transport investigations in closed quantum systems

Doktorarbeit (2008)


C. Bartsch, R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer

Occurrence of exponential relaxation in closed quantum systems

Physical Review E 77, 011119 (2008)


M. Michel, R. Steinigeweg, H. Weimer

Correlated projection superoperators in relaxation and transport investigations

European Physical Journal Special Topics 151, 13 (2007)


R. Steinigeweg, H.-P. Breuer, J. Gemmer

Transition from diffusive to ballistic dynamics for a class of finite quantum models

Physical Review Letters 99, 150601 (2007)


R. Steinigeweg, J. Gemmer, M. Michel

Normal-transport behavior in finite one-dimensional chaotic quantum systems

Europhysics Letters 75, 406 (2006)


R. Steinigeweg, H.-J. Schmidt

Symplectic integrators for classical spin systems

Computer Physics Communications 174, 853 (2006)


J. Gemmer, R. Steinigeweg, M. Michel

Limited validity of the Kubo formula for thermal conduction in modular quantum systems

Physical Review B 73, 104302 (2006)


R. Steinigeweg

Zur Dynamik von klassischen Heisenberg-Systemen: Klassen integrabler Systeme und symplektische Integratoren für nicht integrable Systeme

Diplomarbeit (2005)

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