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Emmy Noether Junior Research Group

Metal coordination nano structures (MCNS)

The demand for new approaches to information technology is increasingly fuelled by the fundamental, and imminent, limitations that now arise in current device technology. The Emmy Noether research group investigates the fabrication and microscopic characterisation of organometallic materials, enabling new approaches to information technology at the atomic scale. With a low-temperature scanning probe microscopy-based approach, the group especially sets a focus on charge transfer properties at the atomic-scale in these novel materials.


22.09.2020Article published in Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology:
"Protruding hydrogen atoms as markers for the molecular orientation of a metallocene" by L. Laflör, M. Reichling and P. Rahe (see DOI)
30.06.2020Article accepted for publication in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics:
"CO adsorption on the calcite (10.4) surface: A combined experimental and theoretical study" by T. Hafshejani, W. Wang, J. Heggemann, A. Nefedov, Y. Wang, P. Rahe, P. Thissen, S. Heissler and C. Wöll (see DOI)
27.02.2020Article accepted for publication in The Journal of Physical Chemistry C:
"Quadruped Molecular Anchoring to an Insulator: Functionalised Ferrocene on CaF2 Bulk and Thin Film Surfaces" by L. Laflör, F.A. Schlage, L. Kantorovich, P.J. Moriarty, M. Reichling and P. Rahe (see DOI)
September 2019PSINAS 7 workshop in Osnabrück:
We enjoyed participating in an inspiring workshop with collaboration partners from Bielefeld, Helsinki, and Karlsruhe.
July/August 2019Conference "Non-contact atomic force microscopy 2019":
One talk and one poster contributed (see http://www.physik.ur.de/ncafm22/)
September 2018Conference "Non-contact atomic force microscopy 2018":
Two talks and one poster contributed (see https://ncafm2018.aalto.fi/)
15.03.2018New article published in Physical Review B:
"Formation routes and structural details of the CaF1 layer on Si(111) from high-resolution non-contact atomic force microscopy data" by P. Rahe, E.F. Smith, J. Wollschläger and P.J. Moriarty (see publications)
10.03.2018Two book chapters published:
"Imaging Static Charge Distributions: A Comprehensive KPFM Theory" by P. Rahe, H. Söngen
"Interpretation of KPFM Data with the Weight Function for Charges" by H. Söngen, P. Rahe, R. Bechstein, A. Kühnle
both in: Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy, Ed. S.Sadewasser and Thilo Glatzel (see publications)
August 2017The instrument is delivered, the unboxing and installation begins!
January 2017 Project started at the Universität Osnabrück.