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57.Electron-decoupled MAS DNP with N@C60
N. Alaniva, E. P. Saliba, P. T. Judge, E. L. Sesti, W. Harneit, B. Corzilius and A. B. Barnes
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 25 (2023) 5343-5347.

Capillary Stamping of Functional Materials: Parallel Additive Substrate Patterning without Ink Depletion
M. Runge, H. Hübner, A. Grimm, G. Manoharan, R. Wieczorek, M. Philippi, W. Harneit, C. Meyer, D. Enke, M. Gallei and M. Steinhart
Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 (2021) 2001911.

55.Readout and control of an endofullerene electronic spin
D. Pinto, D. Paone, B. Kern, T. Dierker, R. Wieczorek, A. Singha, D. Dasari, A. Finkler, W. Harneit, J. Wrachtrup and K. Kern
Nature Communications 11 (2020) 6405.
54.Electron-driven spin diffusion supports crossing the diffusion barrier in MAS DNP
J. J. Wittmann, M. Eckardt, W. Harneit and B. Corzilius
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (2018) 11418-11429.
53.High-precision measurement of the electron spin g factor of trapped atomic nitrogen in the endohedral fullerene N@C60
J. J. Wittmann, T. V. Can, M. Eckardt, W. Harneit, R. G. Griffin and B. Corzilius
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 290 (2018) 12-17.
52.Frequency-agile gyrotron for electron decoupling and pulsed dynamic nuclear polarization
F. J. Scott, E. P. Saliba, B. J. Albert, N. Alaniva, E. L. Sesti, C. Gao, N. C. Golota, E. J. Choi, A. P. Jagtap, J. J. Wittmann, M. Eckardt, W. Harneit, B. Corzilius, S. Th. Sigurdsson and A. B. Barnes
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 289 (2018) 45-54.
51.Spin Quantum Computing with Endohedral Fullerenes
W. Harneit
pp. 297-324, in: 'Endohedral Fullerenes: Electron Transfer and Spin', A. A. Popov (Volume Ed.), part of: 'Nanostructure Science and Technology', D. J. Lockwood (Series Ed.), Springer International Publishing AG (2017)
50.A diamond (100) surface with perfect phase purity
O. Dyachenko, N. Diek, Y. Shapiro, R. Tamang, W. Harneit, M. Reichling and A. Borodin
Chemical Physics Letters 640 (2015) 72-76.
49.Stability of C60 and N@C60 under thermal and optical exposure
M. Eckardt, R. Wieczorek and W. Harneit
Carbon 95 (2015) 601-607.
48.Compact electrically detected magnetic resonance setup
M. Eckardt, J. Behrends, D. Münter and W. Harneit
AIP Advances 5 (2015) 047139.
47.Probing the zero-field splitting in the ordered N@C60 in buckycatcher C60H28 studied by EPR spectroscopy
J. Yang, P. Feng, A. Sygula, W. Harneit, J.-H. Sua, J. Du
Physics Letters A 376 (2012) 1748-1751.
46.N@C60 as a structural probe for fullerene nanomaterials
T. Wakahara, T. Kato, K. Miyazawa, W. Harneit
Carbon 50 (2012) 1709-1712.
45.Influence of charge transfer doping on the morphologies of C60 islands on hydrogenated diamond C(100)-(2x1)
M. Nimmrich, M. Kittelmann, P. Rahe, W. Harneit, A. J. Mayne, G. Dujardin, A. Kühnle 
Physical Review B 85 (2012) 035420.
44.Cotunneling through a magnetic single-molecule transistor based on N@C60
N. Roch, R. Vincent, F. Elste, W. Harneit, W. Wernsdorfer, C. Timm, and F. Balestro
Physical Review B 83 (2011) 081407.
43.Realtime magnetic field sensing and imaging using a single spin in diamond
R. S. Schoenfeld and W. Harneit
Physical Review Letters 106 (2011) 030802.
42.Room-Temperature Implementation of the Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm with a Single Electronic Spin in Diamond
F. Shi, X. Rong, N. Xu, Y. Wang, J. Wu, B. Chong, X. Peng, J. Kniepert, R. S. Schoenfeld, W. Harneit, M. Feng, and J. Du
Physical Review Letters 105 (2010) 040504.
41.Atomic-resolution imaging of clean and hydrogen-terminated C(100)-(2x1) diamond surfaces using noncontact AFM
M. Nimmrich, M. Kittelmann, P. Rahe, A. J .Mayne, G. Dujardin, A. von Schmidsfeld, M. Reichling, W. Harneit, and A. Kuehnle
Physical Review B 81 (2010) 201403.
40.Molecular diffusion in porous media by PGSE ESR
Y. Talmon, L. Shtirberg, W. Harneit, O. Y. Rogozhnikova, V. Tormyshev, and A. Blank
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (2010) 5998-6007.
39.Thin film engineering for N@C60 quantum computers: spin detection and device patterning approaches
S. Schaefer, K. Huebener, W. Harneit, C. Boehme, K. Fostiropoulos, H. Angermann, J. Rappich, J. Behrends, and K. Lips
Solid State Sciences 11 (2009) 948-948.
38.Spin-dependent processes in ZnPc single layer devices
S. Schaefer, S. Saremi, J. Behrends, K. Fostiropoulos, K. Lips, and W. Harneit
physica status solidi (b) 246 (2009) 2844-2848.
37.ESR Imaging in Solid Phase with Sub-Micron Resolution: Methodology and Applications
A. Blank, E. Suhovoy, R. Halevy, L. Shtirberg, and W. Harneit
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 11 (2009) 6689-6699.
36.Direct Measurement of Diffusion in Liquid Phase by Electron Spin Resonance
A. Blank, Y. Talmona, M. Shklyara, L. Shtirberga, and W. Harneit
Chemical Physics Letters 465 (2008) 147-152.
35.Tunneling Spectra of Individual Magnetic Endofullerene Molecules
J. E. Grose, E. S. Tam, C. Timm, M. Scheloske, B. Ulgut, J. J. Parks, H. D. Abruña, W. Harneit, and D. C. Ralph
Nature Materials 7 (2008) 884-889.

Thin film engineering for N@C60 quantum computers: spin detection and device patterning approaches
S. Schaefer, K. Huebener, W. Harneit, C. Boehme, K. Fostiropoulos, H. Angermann, J. Rappich, J. Behrends, and K. Lips

Solid State Sciences 10 (2008) 1314-1321.

33.Electrical detection of coherent spin pair oscillations in ZnPc devices
S. Schaefer, S. Saremi, K. Fostiropoulos, J. Behrends, K. Lips, and W. Harneit
physica status solidi (b) 245 (2008) 2120-2123.
32.ODMR of NV centers in nano-diamonds covered with N@C60
K. Huebener, R. S. Schoenfeld, J. Kniepert, C. Oelmueller, and W. Harneit
physica status solidi (b) 245 (2008) 2013-2017.
31.Entanglement in P@C60 encapsulated in a solid state matrix
B. Naydenov, J. Mende, W. Harneit, and M. Mehring
physica status solidi (b) 245 (2008) 2002-2005.
30.Room Temperature Electrical Detection of Spin Coherence in C60
W. Harneit, C. Boehme, S. Schaefer, K. Huebener, K. Fostiropoulos, and K. Lips
Physical Review Letters 98 (2007) 216601.

N@C60 quantum bit engineering
W. Harneit, K. Huebener, B. Naydenov, S. Schaefer, and M. Scheloske
physica status solidi (b) 244 (2007) 3879-3884.

28.Ordered inclusion of endohedral fullerenes N@C60 and P@C60 in a crystalline matrix
B. Naydenov, C. Spudat, W. Harneit, H.I. Süss, J. Hulliger, J. Nuss, and M. Jansen
Chemical Physics Letters 424 (2006) 327-332.
27.Synthesis and magnetic properties of N@C60 derivatives
L. Franco, S. Ceola, C. Corvaja, S. Bolzonella, W. Harneit, and M. Maggini
Chemical Physics Letters 422 (2006) 100-105.

Synthesis and Functionalization of Fullerenes Encapsulating Atomic Phosphorus

M. Scheloske, B. Naydenov, C. Meyer, and W. Harneit
Israel Journal of Chemistry 46 (2006) 407-412.


Strategies for the deposition of free radical organic molecules for scanning-probe microscopy experiments

W. T. Pong, C. Durkan, H. Li, and W. Harneit
Journal of Scanning Probe Microscopy 1 (2006) 55-62.

24.AFM investigations on the formation of one-dimensional structures of C60 shuttlecocks on HOPG
K. Huebener, S. Scheloske, J. Hauschild, W. Harneit, G. Zehl, and F. Fiechter
physica status solidi (b) 243 (2006) 2990-2994.
23.N@C60 and N@C70 oriented in a single-crystalline matrix
B. Naydenov, C. Spudat, M. Scheloske, H.I. Suess, J. Hulliger, and W. Harneit
physica status solidi (b) 243 (2006) 2995-2998.
22.EPR investigations on hydrogen atoms encaged in octasilsesquioxane molecules
R.S. Schoenfeld, W. Harneit, and M. Paech
physica status solidi (b) 243 (2006) 3008-3012.

N@C60 and P@C60 as quantum bits

C. Meyer, W. Harneit, B. Naydenov, K. Lips, and A. Weidinger
Applied Magnetic Resonance 27 (2004) 123-132.

20.Purification and Optical Spectroscopy of N@C60
P. Jakes, K.-P. Dinse, C. Meyer, W. Harneit, and A. Weidinger
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 5 (2003) 4080-4083.
19.Experimental Steps Towards the Realisation of a Fullerene Quantum Computer
C. Meyer, W. Harneit, A. Weidinger, and K. Lips
physica status solidi(b) 233 (2002) 462-466.
18.Architectures for a spin quantum computer based on endohedral fullerenes
W. Harneit, C. Meyer, A. Weidinger, D. Suter, and J. Twamley
physica status solidi(b) 233 (2002) 453-461.
17.Fullerene-based electron-spin quantum computer
W. Harneit
Physical Review A 65 (2002) 032322.
16.Alignment of the Endohedral Fullerenes N@C60 and N@C70 in a Liquid Crystal Matrix
C. Meyer, W. Harneit, K. Lips, A. Weidinger, P. Jakes, and K.-P. Dinse
Physical Review A 65 (2002) 061201.
15.EPR Investigation of Endohedral Fullerenes N@C60 and N@C70 in a Liquid Crystal
P. Jakes, N. Weiden, R.-A. Eichel, A. Gembus, K.-P. Dinse, C. Meyer, W. Harneit, and A. Weidinger
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 156 (2002) 303-308.
14.Phosphorous trapped within buckminsterfullerene
J. A. Larsson, J. C. Greer, W. Harneit, and A. Weidinger 
Journal of Chemical Physics 116 (2002) 7849-7854.
13.Separation of N2@C60 and N@C60
T. Suetsuna, N. Dragoe, W. Harneit, A. Weidinger, H. Shimotani, S. Ito, H. Takagi, and K. Kitazawa
Chemistry - A European Journal 8 (2002) 5079-5083.

Thermal stability of the endohedral fullerenes N@C60, N@C70, and P@C60

M. Waiblinger, K. Lips, W. Harneit, A. Weidinger, E. Dietel, and A. Hirsch
Physical Review B 63 (2001) 045421 and Physical Review B 64 (2001) 159901(E)

11.Cd-free buffer layers for CIGS solar cells prepared by a dry process 
S. Siebentritt, T. Kampschulte, A. Bauknecht, U. Blieske, W. Harneit, U. Fiedeler, and M. Lux-Steiner
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 70 (2002) 447-457.
10.CuGaSe2 solar cells prepared by MOVPE 
S. Siebentritt, A. Bauknecht, A. Gerhard, U. Fiedeler, T. Kampschulte, S. Schuler, W. Harneit, S. Brehme, J. Albert, and M. Ch. Lux-Steiner
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 67 (2001) 129-136.
9.Acceptor activation energies in epitaxial CuGaSe2 grown by MOVPE
A. Gerhard, W. Harneit, S. Brehme, A. Bauknecht, U. Fiedeler, M.Ch. Lux-Steiner, and S. Siebentritt
Thin Solid Films 387 (2001) 67-70.
8.Chemical bath deposited Zn(Se,OH)x on Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)2 for high efficiency thin film solar cells: growth kinetics, electronic properties, device performance and loss analysis
A. Ennaoui, M. Weber, M. Saad, W. Harneit, M.Ch. Lux-Steiner, and F. Karg
Thin Solid Films 361-362 (2000) 450-453.
7.Defects in CuGaSe2 thin films grown by MOCVD
A. Bauknecht, S. Siebentritt, A. Gerhard, W. Harneit, S. Brehme, J. Albert, S. Rushworth, and M.Ch. Lux-Steiner
Thin Solid Films 361-362 (2000) 426-431.
6.Relaxation and anomalous T- and H-dependence of the µ coefficient in (K,Ba)BiOsuperconductors
T. Klein, W. Harneit, I. Joumard, J. Marcus, C. Escribe-Filippini, and D. Feinberg
Europhysics Letters 42 (1998) 79-84.
5.Comment on "Plastic vortex creep in YBa2Cu3O7-x crystals"
T. Klein, W. Harneit, L. Baril, C. Escribe-Filippini, and D. Feinberg
Physical Review Letters 79 (1997) 3795.
4.Fishtail and flux creep phenomena in the cubic (K,Ba)BiO3 high Tc superconductor
T. Klein, W. Harneit, L. Baril, J. Marcus, and C. Escribe Filippini
Physica C 282-287 (1997) 2207-2208.
3.Evidence for collective delta Tc pinning in superconducting (K,Ba)BiO3 single crystals
W. Harneit, T. Klein, L. Baril, and C. Escribe-Filippini
Europhysics Letters 36 (1996) 141-146.
2.Short time study of the fishtail effect in Ba0.6K0.4BiO3 single crystals
W. Harneit, T. Klein, C. Escribe-Filippini, H. Rakoto, J.M. Broto, A. Sulpice, R. Buder, J. Marcus, and W. Schmidbauer
Physica C 267 (1996) 270-278.
1.Pinning and vortex dynamics in superconducting (K,Ba)BiO3 single crystals
T. Klein, W. Harneit, L. Baril, and C. Escribe-Filippini
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 105 (1996) 1067-1072.




4.Contrast media for nuclear spin tomography with use of the Overhauser effect
K.P. Dinse, A. Weidinger, A. Hirsch, W. Harneit and M. Rohrer 
DE 10 2005 007 223, WO 2006 001 199
Filed: 15.02.2005, Published: 24.08.2006, Issued: (DE) 02.01.2009
3.Molecular arrangement with a structural configuration and use thereof for quantum-mechanical information processing
M. Waiblinger, W. Harneit, and A. Weidinger 
DE 101 23 132, WO 01-84714
Filed: 02.05.2001, Published: 22.11.2001, Issued: Patent pending
2.Method and assembly for processing quantum-mechanical information units 
W. Harneit, M. Waiblinger, A. Weidinger, B. Mertesacker, and K.P. Dinse
DE 100 58 243, WO 02-41247
Filed: 19.11.2000, Published: 13.06.2002, Issued: (DE) 10.10.2002
1.Method for producing a solar module with thin-film solar cells which are series-connected in an integrated manner and solar modules produced according to the method, especially using concentrator modules
W. Harneit, A. Jäger-Waldau, and M.Ch. Lux-Steiner 
DE 100 17 610, WO 01-75976
Filed: 30.03.2000, Published: 18.10.2001, Issued: (DE) 31.10.2002, Licensed